Feature One

Adapt these three columns to fit you design need. To duplicate, delete or move columns, select the column and use the top icons to perform your action.

Feature Two

To add a fourth column, reduce the size of these three columns using the right icon of each block. Then, duplicate one of the column to create a new one as a copy.

Feature Three

Delete the above image or replace it with a picture that illustrates your message. Click on the picture to change it's rounded corner style.

Local Engineering

Providing innovative solutions for industrial design, mechanical design, electrical design, and product development.  Our designers specialize in new product development from concept through production.  Our strengths are in mechanical, electrical, systems, and industrial design for consumer products, industrial enclosures, network/server enclosures, and medical.

Quick Turn Prototypes

Our manufacturing facilities can turn 3D printed parts in 1 day, injection-molded parts in 10 days, machining in 5 days, and hard-tooled metal stamped parts in 20 days.  We have developed our process to provide excellent quality and quick delivery. 

Global Manufacturing

Facilities in China and Minnesota. We help you choose the ideal process for manufacturing your products.  Soft tooling and hard tooling options will give you the flexibilty to ramp production within your budget.