Second screen for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.  SSG designed the mechanical enclosure and manages full-scale production. www.popslate.com


The SWIVIT PRO gives you the freedom to quickly and easily capture multiple angles, and more of what's going on around you... right in the moment.  SSG designed the enclosure and manages full-scale production.  www.swivit.us

Tesla Motors

No, we didn't design the car, but we do provide components for the Model S and
Model X for both prototypes and production.  Including:
    - Hard tooled metal stamping
    - SLA, SLA, FDM
    - Plastic injection molding
           - Insert tooling / overmolding
    - Vacuum casting
    - Machining


The Sproutling Baby Monitor has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Best of Innovation Honoree in the Wearable Technologies product category.  SSG provided DFM and prototypes. www.sproutling.com

Altia Sytems

200 degree field of view without moving the camera!  SSG provided DFM for the enclosure and stand and coordinates full-scale manufacturing in China. www.altiasystems.com


Lellan, Inc. is a Silicon Valley technology company developing solutions to empower trendsetting establishments to create unique and memorable ambiance through dynamic, customizable and interactive interior designs.  SSG provides prototypes, DFM support, component sourcing, and manages full-scale manufacturing in China. www.lellan.com


Chargerito is a tiny mobile device charger that plugs into your wall. It fits easily in any pocket, so you always have a charger on hand.  SSG designed and prototyped both mechanical and electrical components of this assembly. 


Nebula One:  World's first cloud computer.  Our engineers designed the enclosure from the ground up.  The front bezel is loaded with LED's to resemble the logo and provide feedback info to the operator.  www.nebula.com

Violin Memory

Generation 2 flash array enclosure.  Our engineers designed the enclosure and some unique hot swappable internal components.  www.vmem.com

Oceus Networks

Yes, military too.  Compact and rapidly deployable 4G LTE network.  Our engineers designed and prototyped both mechanical and electrical components of this assembly. www.oceusnetworks.com